We are a mother-daughter team, Caryna Baker-Fox and Christa Fox. We have been involved in                                                                    Cavaliers for a long time, for most of our respective lives. We are located in Northern Virginia

                                                               Caryna bought her first Cavalier in 1977, Ravinia Shannon, "Amber", by saving up all her                                                                                 babysitting money. Cavaliers were fairly unknown in the USA in those days. Amber grew with                                                                        Caryna, starting with High School, Undergraduate School, and later marriage. Amber was a                                                                            cherished pet, beloved companion, and very best friend. She lived to the age of 15, having led a                                                                    wonderful Cavalier's life.

In the mid-eighties, we added a little tri-color girl to the family. Sweet little soul...and we started to show in the CKCSC. Unfortunately, we found out through health-testing that she had retinal dysplasia, along with many of the health issues that can trouble our lovely little cavaliers. We had her spayed, and she was our pet until she passed in 1998 at age 11 1/2.

Christa has grown up most of her life around Cavaliers. In 2005, we brought home our girl "Molly", Chadwick First Impressions, acquired from Anne Eckersley Robins in CT. Christa began Children's Handling in the CKCSC-USA, and then when she was old enough, began competing in the AKC Juniors program. Today, Christa shows our dogs in the Conformation ring.


We are affiliated with the CKCSC-USA and the AKC. We enjoy showing in both clubs and we dual register our dogs.

Our goal is to breed Cavaliers for Temperament, Health, and Beauty.

Breed Education & Health Information Links

Dodd's Vaccine Protocol

PDF Version: Dodd's Protocol

Updated 2013 & 2014 Dodd's Vaccine Protocol Information: LINK

Dangers of Early Spay & Neuter

The AKC Canine Health Foundation explains the negative health implications of early spay & neuter: LINK

CHIC & OFA Health Testing

The OFA's official website: offa.org

CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) website: chic.org

CKCSC & AKC Breed Standard

PDF Version: CKCSC Breed Standard

PDF Version: AKC Breed Standard

ACKCSC Breed Guide: PDF Link

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